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Mound Sovereignty (MoSo) is a local-multiplayer top-down shooter. The goal is to stand on the Mound (the darker-grey circle in the middle of the arena) longer than any of the other Sovereigns. The gameplay and arena design are inspired by Marathon's King of the Hill mode on the "Beyond Thunderdome" map. Here are some videos if it in action!


  • Competitive play for 2 to 4 players
  • Colourblind option
  • Handicap option, to give everyone a fighting chance


  • You will need at least two controllers to play. By default, the controls accommodate the Xbox 360 controller. If you use non-360 controllers, itch.io recommends using "x360ce", which can be found on this page. You can also just remap the keys in the launcher. Keep in mind the game itself refers to the Inputs as if they were 360 inputs, and that the "_1", "_2", etc. suffixes refer to the different players' controllers.
  • Everything else is explained in-game. The main menu explains the controls, and pressing Back at the main menu will show you extra information about the gameplay itself.
  • I was able to test all of the other packages (and they work), but I am still waiting on my tester for the Linux package.

Update 2015-10-20: Added gameplay videos.
Update 2017-03-31: As to better demonstrate my work (and out of fear that my 360 controller support is becoming out of date), this game is now free.


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MoSo Linux.zip 23 MB
MoSo All Versions.zip 68 MB

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