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Neon Genesis Quaternion (or NGQ) is a game about navigating space monoliths with Newtonian physics.

This project is indefinitely on hold, but there's enough done that you might find it interesting.

  • I effectively wrote a microcontroller for the rotational thrusters.
    • Use the mouse to aim around. This will feed a "desired rotation speed" to the microcontroller, relative to the cursor's current location. It will then input rotational thrust (with a maximum value based on what i thought would be realistic) to rotationally-accelerate your suit until it hits the desired rotation speed.
    • There's a maximum rotation speed within this system, but you can exceed it via collisions. The suit will automatically detect this and apply thrust to correct it.
  • Currently 2 of the 3 navigational tools are implemented (grappling hook and turn anchor).
    • The blue beam coming from your "gun" is the hook's aimpoint. Click when it intersects something in order to connect to it. There's no beam implemented, but a pink cube will appear on the surface you're connected to. The beam has a maximum range of 1km.
  • Only one grab-bag environment, but it's got a damn-snazzy spacescape.
  • Full sound and 80% of the "animation" done.
  • Full microgravity physics.
    • Mild collision problems might occur if you drag across moving surfaces; unknown collision problems if you let yourself get pinched in this one particular moving environmental piece...
  • I've only tested it in Windows. OSX and Linux builds are untested, but if Unity's export function works it should work fine...

The game is now free, because I think it's a good portfolio piece, and it's not really much of a game. Still, the CAD-USD exchange rate is ridiculous and Devs Deserve To Be Paid, so I would be thrilled if you play this and decide it's worth your cash (any amount of cash!)

For more information, see the development blog here: http://toddsusser.tumblr.com/tagged/ngq


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